Top-Down Approach

NextBee's word of mouth marketing platform is built by analyzing tools and interface components needed for successful word of mouth marketing campaigns. Our founding team has spent years marketing both enterprise and consumer products, and most recently had the fortune to work in the trenches of Web 2.0 world when they marketed their last venture, GetVendors (acquired by MatchPoint - a division of Connexus Corp).

NextBee's business started as a solution rather than a formal business plan. While brainstorming ideas for web startups and talking with our fellow Silicon Valley entrepreneurs we realized that all these different ideas and business plans, although having different targeted audiences as well as different products, shared similar marketing tactics. We decided to get a head start on developing the marketing tools while formalizing the business idea. During the course, we realized what we were building as a solution for ourselves will be useful for great many businesses - not just start ups. We had stumbled upon our next adventure!

We had the product and we had the marketing structure ready - we just formalized the business model and NextBee was born. Thus, from day one, this platform was built with the end solutions in mind. During this transformation (from a stand alone solution to platform), we did not change the core product features or the type of campaigns we wanted our platform to support but only expanded the scope of a few modules and got serious about usability. We plan to continually enhance our platform based on the campaign needs of our clients.

Focus on Community and Simplicity

Although our solution is backed by smart algorithms and scalable infrastructure, our focus has always been on the community and simplicity of our solution. We will go out of our way to make sure the campaigns of our business community members are successful, and that every one of the users, referral recipients, and social media influencers absolutely feels delighted to be part of our campaigns.

We plan to embrace every initiative from OpenSocial to Data Portability with open arms and are committed to integrate with all other platform providers. We do offer structured packages of our program but if you need special settings or our pricing is too onerous on you then please let us know.

NextBee is not focused on developing automated algorithms to get most of the remnant inventory or link bait schemes. We strive hard to engage our community members and enjoy nothing more than the privilege of having strong trusting relationships with them. We enjoy working with clients who share the same vision!

You define the business requirements and we build the solution and make your campaign successful

Platform as a Service
Our platform is built to support virtually every variation of user engagement and referral/viral marketing program and yet, has a modular architecture and context (aspect) driven runtime model.

Constant Touch with Your Users
From RSS feeds to social media widgets (along with emails and SEO), you are now able to target and truly be part of users' social feed

Automated Conversion Tracking and Award Fulfillment
With large set of options (from ability to track matching conversions for an item referred by a particular user to fulfill award based on offline user actions), you can always find a ready to use functional module for your business requirements

JavaScript Widgets
With every single user interaction captured through widgets served from a JavaScript file, there is minimal IT integration work on your side. Further, it offers you flexibility in optimizing the campaigns and cost savings unheard of with the traditional custom campaign setups

Comprehensive Solution
NextBee's solution offers you unified toolset to capture/measure/optimize every single critical user engagement initiative on your web site - from referrals to reviews and from co-reg/cross sell and SEO link building to contests/sweepstakes.

Cost Sharing for Custom Enhancements
If the custom extensions that we build for you are going to be part of our core framework then the majority of resource investment can be done by us

Commitment to Campaign Success
NextBee does not limit itself to delivering a technical solution but works with your marketing team to both optimize and pro-actively recruit social media influencers who can deliver the results you are looking for from your campaigns
Our Management Team
Ruchali Parve
Founder and Chairman

Over last several years, Ruchali has worked with many small businesses and large corporations for their online and offline web campaigns and eLearning needs. The most notable of her clients were Amcor Sunclipse and University of California, Berkeley. She has 10+ years of experience in managing operational teams and handling projects for cross functional teams. Her operational experience in hi-tech companies coupled with her prior investment banking work and graduate education in management helps her efficiently manage marketing campaigns for our clients with unparalleled focus on ROI.

Ashish Mohole
CTO and VP of Products

Ashish was most recently Founder and CEO of GetVendors. GetVendors won many accolades from media and industry analysts. GetVendors, the MIT business plan finalist rapidly gained market traction and was acquired by MatchPoint (a division of Connexus Corp). Before that Ashish was founder and CEO of Jigsaw Ventures, a firm focused on incubating India based offshore companies in US. Jigsaw was acquired by a local fund in India. Early in his career, Ashish held various engineering and product management positions at Siebel Systems and Oracle Corporation. Ashish has received Masters in Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley. He has also completed the Management of Technology program at Haas School of Business.

Prashant Mohole
Director of Engineering

Leveraging 13+ years of experience building software and Internet businesses, Prashant Mohole serves as NextBee's VP of Products and oversees technology operations and software engineering. Over the years, Prashant has led product development efforts for many startups as part of both their core teams and/or independent outsourced engineering centers. Prashant's technical know-how and experience in building business applications helps us bring our vision of freeing marketers from clutches of IT departments by providing them robust and feature rich marketing campaign platform as a service, a reality. Prashant's team is focused on not only optimizing and building our in house applications but also strives hard to integrate our solution with popular social computing platforms and eCommerce solutions.
Open Positions
We are hiring. We offer a competitive salary, stock options and a generous benefits package. NextBee is an equal opportunity employer.
  • Business Development Manager
    We are looking for an enthusiastic and well organized business development manager who has successful track record in selling to SMBs. You must be comfortable in making cold calls to generate interest, qualifying prospects, and closing sales. Ideal candidate will have thorough understanding of Internet advertising and social marketing trends.
    You can be located at our Mountain View,CA office or telecommute from your own location. If you feel you are the right candidate for this position then please submit your resume with cover letter to jobs at nextbee dot com

  • Technical Support Engineer
    We are looking for tech savvy customer service representative who can analyze issues with web pages. Thorough understanding of HTML and Javascript is must. Ideal candidate should have basic understanding of server side technologies. You must be willing to quickly identify problems and if needed attention from development team then manage client's expectations.
    We are open to telecommute but your responsiveness and professionalism is must. If you feel you are the right candidate for this position then please submit your resume with cover letter to jobs at nextbee dot com


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