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Social Media 360 is NextBee’s service for social media optimization and development support. Our team of dedicated account managers and developers has your back and is ready to help you make the most of social media’s marketing power. These services are above and beyond the call of duty in terms of customization, deployment, and successful adoption of our standard campaigns.

Social Media 360 is NextBee’s effort to offer a full range of services spanning the entire lifecycle of your social media engagement. Our team is passionate about bringing in the changes driven by social media adoption in all spheres of your business. Since every client engagement is unique, so are the exact services provided – but on the highest level we focus on following core practice areas.

From social media page management to corporate communications compliance, today your social media strategy has many moving pieces, relies on support from multiple vendors, and has an intertwining net of integration APIs. We realize that your IT team is already strained with your product roadmap and lacks both the bandwidth and the willingness to embark upon this whole new world of complexity. But at the same time, you cannot wait for the enterprise application suite solution provider that you inherited to integrate all the social media goodies in traditional HR/Sales/Marketing applications. Let NextBee’s team of developers help you with that. Our engineering team has had years of experience working with enterprise software installations from Oracle, SAP, SalesForce, NetSuite, and Microsoft. We will work with you to chalk out strategy, to integrate third-party vendor technologies, and to provide maintenance for the installed software. Furthermore, our service team is decoupled from the core products group, so it can even help you with the integration and support of third-party solutions whose features and functionality overlap with our product.

From launching a small, experimental Facebook ad effort to running an automated bid management on for across-channel, cross-platform ad campaign, our team of professionals is adept at setting up and optimizing your ad spend. We can further garner the data from third-party solutions such as Radian6 and Viral heat in order to incorporate their insights and optimize your campaigns. We will help you build a funnel that tracks the success of your ad campaigns across multiple levels and combinations of segments, including likes, interests, ages, genders, and geography. In a nutshell, our ad management team will provide you with the personalized service and the algorithmic edge necessary to optimize your social media campaigns. Our reports based on social strategy success metrics will simplify your campaign execution and help you evaluate the ROI of your social media spending.

Have you ever wondered why those hubs of social media activity, a.k.a. social influencers or bloggers, seem out of reach? It is probably about neither your product nor your budget, but about the time commitment required to engage with such grassroots campaigns. Let our team of social media mavericks spend hours researching and reaching out to influencers through a variety of channels – from short tweets to face-to-face meetings. We will recruit the influencers in your niche who are truly passionate about your offering and can kindle the firestorm of social buzz for your product and service. We won't take a cookie-cutter approach with either recruiting these influencers, or the perks, or the hoops they have to jump through to get the perks. We will design your unique action plan by studying your product, by engaging seed users through targeted social media ads, by accessing data available through solutions such as Kl out and Peer Index, and then by continually testing and iterating until you have a successful social media influencer perks program.

Social media buzz can be a double-edged sword for your brand: one false move or one bad comment and the social sentiment can turn against you. You need professionals to sift through the flood of social media activity and, if necessary, take corrective measures in real time – or at least get your communications team engaged to offer a formal response before gossip changes the tone of the conversation. Apart from such social media conversation monitoring services, we offer a variety of services to take the hassle out of running website promotions. Some of the services include: rebate and refund processing, premium fulfillment, coupon printing and mailing, call center services, data entry, sweepstakes management, samples distribution, email marketing, cash-back receipt processing, customer data management, and the procurement of rewards and gift cards.

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