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NextBee’s BuzzWidgets let publishers, social communities, and mobile app developers monetize their audience with sponsored social buzz campaigns such as sponsored sweepstakes, white labeled offer based rewards, and influencer outreach promotions in a secure and brand friendly way. All these campaigns can be run with long term revenue sharing arrangement with NextBee or short term fixed fee basis contract.


Use NextBee's platform to run a sponsored contest or promotional giveaway on your site. You can have the creative, terms, data policy, number of winners, frequency of winners, criteria for winners based on preferences of your sponsors. These sweepstakes can run across social, email, web, and offline channels and you can even pool in more than one sponsor for your promotion. NextBee team will manage every aspect of the promotion setup and reward distribution and you can monetize your reach to the audience with returns that simply can’t match with any other form of advertising on your site.

Your customers love offer based rewards – then one where they can earn a freebie on your site/application for signing up for a trial of a service but we know you are tired of being restricted by the offers from the 3rd party providers, the complex commission structure, and above all lack of creativity and variety in the offers. Let NextBee’s platform help you run offers that you choose by either directly working with sponsors or your own affiliate account – plus you can create offers of your own – ‘share with friends’ and get bonus points or upload a photo and get double bonus points – all these offers have in built buzz feed associated with it that (if user has authorized then) posts the activity on user’s social media profile pages generating viral distribution. Further, since you control the offers you can add conditions on the offers such as not only the user has to sign up but keep the subscription or only one offer per week to assure your sponsors of quality of leads and command a premium associated with it.

Today, every brand wants to reach out to the influencers who has affinity toward the brand, has truly authoritative voice, and social following. But it is very hard to separate out signal from the noise when it comes to social activity – and so there in unmet demand from corporate marketers that manage perks programs, surveys, and early adopter recruitment drives to identify and connect with the power users. You have access to the pool of these users, let NextBee help you run incentive schemes, challenges, and reward programs focused on healthy living, weight loss tracking, trivia questions, member recruitment that unequivocally proves the cred of these users and offer the brands access to these influencers by auctioning the limited sponsorship spots in such promotions.

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