Early Adopters

Early Adopters

With the media world going through a massive and exciting transformation, the peer to peer information transfer has become a viable, if not better, alternative to broadcasting messages. Today, early adopters are not only important as litmus tests for your product or service, but are oftentimes the only meaningful and scalable marketing channel.

The new paradigm of social interactions have posed new challenges for the marketers. The grassroots effort for marketing dictated by user's social interactions often requires significant time to materialize. Throwing in more ad dollars at the problem often backfires more than it helps.

Based on input from our brand marketing clients, we have developed and nurtured a community of social media influencers - users who are active on social media sites and maintain their own publishing channel. With our referral marketing platform, we have a unique advantage of having direct relationships with individuals who like to talk about what is new and have the ability to influence the decisions of their peers. We help brand marketers connect with  such users who have expressed interest in incentives associated with participation in promotional programs as early adopters. Our offering is built from the ground up around the needs of brand marketers.

  • We can work with you to configure and customize our out of the box referral marketing solution

  • You get access to detailed profile data of the influencers who express interest in joining your program

  • You have the ability to directly communicate with these early adopters and manage their expectations

  • The campaign analytics based on the data that flows through our system enables you to systematically improve your results

  • Depending on the nature of your campaign, we support a variety of business models, including cost per transaction, cost per sign up, or percentage of award transactions.

Please note, this solution is not available through our standard referral marketing offering yet. If you are interested in this offering then please send us a note by filling out the form here


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