ROI positive social media marketing campaigns

Maximum Monthly Traffic
(Unique visitors to website)
No Restriction Up to 2 million Up to 250,000 Up to 10,000
Free Custom Programming  and Setup Assistance Up to 20 Hours Up to 6 Hours Up to 2 Hours
Up to 1 Hour
Branded Widgets and Landing Pages (Colors/Style Sheets)
Referral/Email List Forms, and Sales/Sign up Tracking
Social Media Widgets
Campaign Data Analytics and Custom Reports  
Product Reviews and Customer Testimonies/Feedback  
Loyalty/Reward Points Support for Tiered Incentive Programs    
SSO (Add rewards data within your current user accounts)    
Web Service API's and Private Email Server/Custom Filters      
Monthly (2 Hrs) Campaign Administration/Optimization       
Seeding of Campaign with Users from NextBee Network      
Support* 24x7 Telephone and Email Support Telephone and Email Support during 10 am to 5 pm PST Email Support during 10 am to 5 pm PST Support Tickets with response within 24 hrs
*All our clients can (optionally) retain one-on-one dedicated consultation, custom programming, campaign promotion, and social search engine optimization services at discounted rates to get even better returns from the viral, social media, and loyalty marketing campaigns. You can check the service plan details here Note, with our easy to use, self service solution you don't have to have support from our accounts team to be successful with your campaigns. Irrespective of the support plan or account type you choose, at NextBee, we are always committed to timely implementation and success of your campaigns

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