Auction Listing Format That Attracts Customers on eBay


Motivated and industrious eBay sellers are now using the power of search engines to drive their eBay sales higher by optimizing their listings. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others use algorithms to check content on pages and websites, as well as links pointing to the site from other sites, and outward bound links. Optimizing an eBay page requires the same optimization techniques that regular sites do. eBay has its own search engine which searches through its own pages, and can be thought of as a mini, self-contained version of Google. eBay listings can be optimized so that they show up with good rankings on Google searches, as well as in eBay's own search engines. eBay merchants who list many items and are well-skilled, can help their sites by creating their own networks inside of eBay. Linking all of their products' pages together, as well as using outside links from blogs or other websites can help the items' individual pages show up sooner which will result in more sales for higher amounts.


The only cost needed to optimize an eBay site is time. Spending a few hours of your time is all that is needed to optimize your eBay listing. You can hire professional help which generally costs around $60 per hour. If you have well planned action items from these consultants then within a few hundred dollars you can get excellent results but if you do not know what exactly you want  and do not have model examples to share with these consultants then hiring optimization consultant is a slippery slope and can prove to be a real resource sink.

Action Plan

There are three things that search engines look for to rank websites or pages which can be easily modified to optimize an eBay listing for Google and the others. Making sure that the content is fresh and full of relevant keywords, is important, but overuse of these words or phrases can show up as spam and can actually cause a page to sink in the rankings. Links are important also, and linking a page to your other pages (such as the About Me, Your eBay Store, and pages for other items) will help your page rank highly.

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