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Tips and Tactics for Listing Optimization

  • ALT tags are often the part of the SEO package that gets overlooked. Adding these tags to photos allows for the 'free' use of your keywords without having them show up as spam. Basically these tags are titles for the images that only show up if the image fails to load.
  • Reading about regular SEO techniques can shed some light on how professionals optimize their sites.
  • Meta tags are 20-30 word descriptions of web pages, and should be filled with applicable keywords to help optimize the site.
  • Setting up an information page for all of your items, and then either writing or publishing reviews, and also including links are great ways to boost rankings and sales.
  • Google also offers a service called Google Product Search which allows online sellers to publish and show products, photos, information, links to stores that sell them, and contact information about those stores, including how to buy. This is a great way to combine the power of Google with the power of eBay to really boost sales and page rankings.
  • eBay's own search engine should be studied and internal keyword research can be done to determine if there are any variances between what is popular there and what is popular in Google or on the other search engines.

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