How to Get Maximum Returns from Rented Email List


Companies who rely on bulk email, direct mailing campaigns, or other type of mass mailings, base large parts of their business on having leads and lists of email addresses. Many different agencies and brokerage services have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of email addresses at their disposal and can tailor lists to clients based on certain requirements. Typically, email list rentals are only good for one mailing, and brokers place several of their own addresses throughout the list to check on this.


Costs for purchasing a thousand addresses typically run between $50 and $80. Many marketing experts believe that 5000 addresses is the minimum needed to run an effective campaign, although the number needed should be relative to the size of the business.


Time should be given to this type of campaign before determining overall success. After mailing, days, if not weeks, should be given for the responses to come in. Typically a 2% or better response rate is considered a successful campaign.

Action Plan

Before paying for any mass mailing lists, you should have a strong plan in place, and should have done all required due diligence and analysis. Reputable companies who deal in email list rentals should ask for demographics, geographic locations, and other important information from you. Once you have your list in hand, testing should be done on your email against spam filters, and you should pick a good time for your campaign. Avoid weekends, holidays, and Mondays and Fridays, as many people may not be available to receive your message. Employing a bulk email sender is a must when mailing out thousands, or even hundreds of emails. In addition to using a rented list (which are generally only allowed to be used for one mailing campaign) mixing in your own list will boost your campaign and help raise you success rate.

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