Techniques and Reference Articles for Email Marketers

Tips and Tactics

  • Before sending your messages, you should be sure that your email is well-written and clear. Sending your message through a spam checker before mailing, or setting up email accounts with all the major providers and sending yourself the message with the spam filters on different settings is a great way to test its deliverability.
  • If you are planning on renting an email list, be sure that you do so from a respected and reliable service. Renting a list from a controlled circulation publication is the best way to be sure that you are getting good, accurate information and leads.
  • If sending HTML emails, you should be absolutely positive that any links included are working and that all of the code is precise. Broken links and bad code are certain ways for emails to end up in trash folders.
  • In addition to using rented lists, any company looking to find success through a direct mail campaign, or any mass mailing venture should always be looking for ways to create their own lists, and compiling their own lists. Past customers, lead generation techniques, and sign up pages on websites, are all ways that website owners can create their own lists to bolster the rented ones.

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