Tracking Email Campaign Inbox Delivery Results

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Since such a large majority of email is spam, and with spam filters becoming ever more vigilant, an email delivery monitor is an extremely useful tool to anyone whose business involves sending out mass emails. These monitors tell users which emails were received, by whom, and into which inbox they were delivered. Email delivery monitors send information back to the sender with statistics, delivery reports, and other metrics. Not only are delivery monitors useful for mass emailing campaigns, but they can also help anyone who relies on email for delivery of products or important information.

Costs and Skills Required

Different companies offer different payment scenarios, but the standard is a monthly subscription service, with prices that are determined by the amount of emails that are sent. Typically there is a flat fee paid, plus a small charge per each email, perhaps $.01 per email. Email delivery monitors require a medium knowledge level of computer skills to be able to implement the software and understand and analyze the reports that are returned.

What is this Beast?

Anyone whose business is predicated on sending bulk emails to clients and customers, should be employing an email delivery monitor to help manage their campaign. Using this tool in conjunction with an autoresponder to send the emails will increase productivity, and allow users to see which clients' accounts are filtering your emails into the junk folder and how to better manage and create emails. Employing spam checking software before you send the emails can save time, and help assure that even more mail ends up in the right inbox. Email delivery monitors can be used in a cumulative fashion to judge the overall effect and deliverability of newer campaigns versus older ones, and also to judge the differences between different ISPs. Each email that is not delivered is a chance at a sale that will never be fulfilled, so being able to monitor which emails are arriving and which are not, gives users a second chance to contact those clients whom your campaign missed the first time around.

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