Email Blacklist Check and Techniques to Stay Clean

Checklist for Selecting Email Monitoring Solution

  • Make sure it checks the top American and European ISPs (Yahoo, AOL, Earthlink, Hotmail, and others)
  • Real-time feedback
  • Highlighting of problems delivery

Tips and Tactics

  • Opening several different email accounts with the major providers, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, and others, and sending each email to yourself before the mass mailing, can allow you to test different strategies, and to better understand how the different spam and junk filters work.
  • If your email is written in HTML, make sure that the code works and is free of errors. Broken or non-functional code is a quick way to send your email straight to the junk folder.
  • By making sure that all errors are corrected and that your mail gets through most standard filters, you can use the email delivery monitors to judge the quality of the addresses without as many false positives due to your errors.

Additional Useful Tools

  • Bulk Email Sender
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Autoresponder


  • offers a professional tracking service will full live support
  • offers a professional subscription service with discounts for bulk emails. They explain their pricing structure here
  • Online Marketing Trends is a blog which offers some tips on increasing delivery of email

Final Take-away

Using a delivery monitor in conjunction with a mass mailing program can allow users to send huge quantities of email almost instantly, and then check to see which messages ended up in the junk folders. Campaign monitors are also especially useful for users who are using rented or bought contact lists. Users who have rented or purchased a list of leads or contacts can use a delivery monitor to make sure that the addresses they have purchased are real addresses.

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