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Anyone can sell anything on eBay, but since setting up an account, creating your online store, and spending the time needed to manage your online market requires a good deal of time and effort, smart sellers will study and research the market to make sure that they will be rewarded with the highest prices for their items. As with any business, selling requires good and thorough market research to determine demand and price. Since eBay has taken off and become the number one online auction site, side industries have also blossomed to provide users and eBay merchants with tools to help in their market evaluation and research.

Costs and Skills Required

For roughly $200 per year, software can be found to help discover niches in the eBay market, find the products that people are searching for and buying, and to help with other parts of market research. These tools should be fairly easy and straightforward to anyone who is familiar with eBay and who understands the basics of internet marketing.

Checklist for Selecting the Best Tool

  • Helps you discover the 'hot items' being searched for
  • Product research
  • Gives averages, general stats, days of the week, and highest listings for certain items
  • Certified by eBay
  • Tech support
  • Free demo

Usage Details

Using eBay marketing research tools, or even doing your own manual research, they keys to search for and study are the best days of the week for starting and finishing auctions, the best keywords to use, the best categories to sell products in, the most profitable products, and more. Of course, buyers can also profit from using these tools. Buyers can use them to find items that are being sold for below the market value, and to find the industries where supply is greater than demand.

Continue to Part II: Analysing Trends in eBay Market»

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