Evolution of eBay Platform and Research Reports

Useful Tidbits

  • For eBay chat and ideas, tune into the eBay Powerseller Radio Show, where eBay entrepreneurs and the master sellers offer ideas, tips, and market analysis during a lively discussion.
  • Did you know that your eBay store and item listing can be optimized for the search engines, just like websites can. Be sure to watch your keywords and use them as often as possible without making your listing seem spammy.
  • Although using tools created to help with market analysis, they are not absolutely necessary. With a certain amount of time and effort, users can study the different categories manually and find niches and the hot items, although it will take longer and require more effort.

Additional Tools

  • Ebay photo optimization
  • Photoshop
  • Image hosting
  • Auction forums
  • Auction newsletters
  • Fee calculators


  • Terapeak.com offers a software program, certified by eBay, which provides powerful and in-depth information and analytics of products and categories on eBay
  • Ebay radio has weekly shows where Powersellers and other eBay sellers and designers offer analysis and tips on selling and discussions of where the market is headed
  • Ebay's website offers users several tools which can help create a better store, and to help with market analysis and selling in general

Additional Considerations

Taking good photos for your eBay store is one of the most important things that can be done to accurately show the products that you are putting up for sale. When taking photos, it is important that the item is shown against a background that doesn't take away from the item itself, and that clearly shows the condition the item is in, as well as all of the accessories and features that the item contains. Ebay offers marketers several tools which can help make their photos more powerful. Marketers should definitely use all the tools that eBay offers, and can also find many other tools for free or for reasonable fees online.

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