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Direct marketing campaigns allow advertisers to speak directly to their customers who have opted in to their mailing list by signing up for it. Via these campaigns, advertisers can send newsletters, ezines, or emails to the opt-in clients, full of articles promoting their products and company business, generally in an informative and helpful manner. Direct internet marketing campaigns can be very cost effective ways of reaching customers, as the writing and sending can be done in-house. Traditional direct marketing of sending pamphlets and newsletters through the mail can be an expensive option, as the printing and mailing of many documents can bring high costs.


A CPA campaign is a low-cost way to generate leads. Direct internet campaigns can be low-cost, as they only require the writing and emailing of emails, newsletters, and other promotional materials. CPA marketing can assure you of a certain number of leads for a certain price, and are more cost-effective than pay per click campaigns.


Direct marketing campaigns can be fairly labor and time intensive, as writing the copy, especially in the case of newsletters and ezines can require a good deal of time to write and put together the materials. Using ezine or newsletter templates can save some time and make the whole process go more smoothly.

Successful Campaign Execution

Much of the focus should be on putting together a great contact list. Whether you are planning on purchasing addresses or have your own system in place, getting quality leads on a regular basis will keep your campaign running successfully. The remainder of your focus should be on writing quality content and ad copy.

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