Direct Marketing for Immediate Sales

Tips and Tactics

  • When writing direct mail pieces, it's important to get to the point quickly, but not to jump into a hard sell approach. Newsletters and ezines allow for an informative and in-depth approach where advertisers can provide educational forums for discussions of their industry as well as offer tips on using products.
  • Interesting and informative writing will help keep customers tuned in. If you offer them something that they can use, they will keep reading your materials. If not, they will likely tune out quickly, and you will lose a chance to market to them, and will have wasted that lead.
  • If the idea of your direct marketing campaign is to also drive traffic to your website, then writing some teaser articles in which you give the reader one or two paragraphs of interesting content, then provide them with a link to your website where they can go to read the rest.

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