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Ad Network Dynamics

Advertising networks are companies which serve as a broker between sites looking for advertisers and advertisers looking for outlets. Advertiser revenue is shared and determined by the number of qualified clicks. Advertising networks have an ad server which serves advertisements to participating sites, typically in the form of a banner ad, but also can include pop-ups, pop-unders, and layer ads. Participants join and are asked to post a small bit of code in their site which, when triggered, will tell the ad server to post an ad on the site.

Ad Networks Vs Publisher Managed Ads

Ad networks are very different from traditional advertising. Ad networks are highly targeted and efficient, while old forms are more expensive and ambiguous in regards to who is viewing your ads.

Will Ad Networks Benefit Your Business?

Businesses of any size can benefit greatly from the use of ad networks, and most have pricing structures which allow small, medium, and large companies to advertise through the network. Advertisers can use the networks to show ads for their products and services on a wide variety of websites, without the hassle of having to contact publishers (website owners) themselves. Publishers can earn revenue by placing advertisements on their sites, which show up in the form of banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, and other forms of display ads.

Quick Start Guide

Almost anyone with a website can join an ad network and start advertising almost immediately. Joining is a fairly simple process, which involves filling out some online forms, and then posting a small amount of code in your website. This code is what triggers and shows the banner ads that will appear on your website, if you are signed up as a publisher. As a publisher, revenue can be earned by sponsoring ads from hundreds or even thousands of quality advertisers on your website. Ad networks also provide great opportunities for lead generation through the use of affiliate networks. Using keyword research is important, even though there is a network who is in charge of distribution.

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