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Customer Referrals To Drive Sales

Marketers of every genre agree that correctly implemented referral programs deliver strong results without much expense. Unfortunately in the past, unlike ad buying or brochure printing, tracking and awarding users for their referrals/conversions needed IT support and even an entire development team. Not any more! Do you have ideas like:

  • Asking your customers to refer what they just purchased to friends so that their friends will get 5% discount and the customer will get $25 gift card for every sale generated?

  • Hosting a special gift promotion if your users get their friends to buy either a specific clearance item or your newly introduced product?

  • When users receive their order confirmation emails or your weekly special promotion emails, they are tempted to make another purchase (or claim a free gift) by referring your special promotion to their friends?

  • Implementing simple online or offline referral reward programs where you and your users can track the referrers, visitors, conversions, and awards systematically?

Sign up today and get your referral programs running in no time. With our feature-rich platform, virtually every type of referral program gets launched within 30 minutes.
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NextBee's integrated solution suite helps you in every step of your marketing efforts. From attracting more traffic and engaging your visitors, to driving more referrals and converting them into new customers.

  • Wide range of widgets from in-page overlays, auto launch popups, embedded forms, to separate landing pages on a sub domain. Use the widget type and interaction model that seamlessly integrates with your website user experience

  • Track online as well as offline/in-store transactions

  • No coding or integration work is required

  • Ability to reward referring users as well as offer discounts to referred users

  • Refer more than one product/item at one time (especially, useful when you want to offer ability for users to refer ordered items/saved items in shopping carts)

  • Define virtually every type of referral reward (including ability to offer an award only after more than one successful conversion)

  • Offer awards only if the conversion matches referred item (e.g. when you want to award user only if the buyer buys exactly the same product that was referred by the user)

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