Campaigns to Get Word of Mouth Buzz from Bloggers and Social Web Influencers

Tools Not Rules
Structure Your Campaigns and Incentives That Match Expectations of Your Targeted Influencers
Social Media Influencer engagement campaign provides returns when it is based on the true spirit of a collaborative relationship. When it comes to relationships, especially that involve social web influencers, there are hardly any fit-all rules and hence we limit our involvement to providing technical infrastructure to track performance and providing full flexibility to you in building these relationships. You can either reward the influencers who help you create buzz about your offering based on fixed or percentage of sales they generate, or proportionate to how much traffic they send you, or even just featuring the top referrers on your own site - giving them recognition that they truly seek. Thus, as your marketing plan evolves your company will be able to build strong partnerships with network of influencers (be it bloggers, power users on Twitter or Facebook, and even businesses like suppliers, vendors, neighborhood shops that target similar audience as yours) and get high-quality traffic.

Campaigns Based on Dynamics of "Web 2.0 Link Economy"

  • Real time statistics on who is sending you referrals, visitors, and help you close the sale

  • Flexible point system that enables you to track the performance but offers you flexibility in defining incentives

  • It is not necessary to have monetary compensation for the promotion (but if you desire then you can have that too). We suggest you to focus on "soft-rewards" such as conference/event passes, featuring in newsletters for network members who consistently send you quality traffic

  • With tracking based on referring domains, all the links to your campaign directly point to your website without any obscuring tracking links or ids. Of course, if you desire then you can issue special referral tokens and links as well.

  • You proactively approve who is in and who is not in the campaign so you have complete control over your branding.

  • Influencers get their own personal accounts, public profiles, and access to tracking data enabling them to be closely engaged in your campaigns

  • Entire system is available without any hand coding or integration work

Sign up now and get your word of mouth campaigns started in no time. Choose the option of either affiliate rewards (if you are paying out cash) or buzz roll campaign (if you are focusing on soft-rewards).

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