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Why Next Bee?

Platform as a Service
Our platform is built to support virtually every variation of user engagement and referral/viral marketing program and yet, has a modular architecture and context (aspect) driven runtime model.

Constant Touch with Your Users
From RSS feeds to social media widgets (along with emails and SEO), you are now able to target and truly be part of users' social feed

Automated Conversion Tracking and Award Fulfillment
With large set of options (from ability to track matching conversions for an item referred by a particular user to fulfill award based on offline user actions), you can always find a ready to use functional module for your business requirements

JavaScript Widgets
With every single user interaction captured through widgets served from a JavaScript file, there is minimal IT integration work on your side. Further, it offers you flexibility in optimizing the campaigns and cost savings unheard of with the traditional custom campaign setups

Comprehensive Solution
NextBee's solution offers you unified toolset to capture/measure/optimize every single critical user engagement initiative on your website - from referrals to reviews and from co-reg/cross sell and SEO link building to contests/sweepstakes.

Cost Sharing for Custom Enhancements
If the custom extensions that we build for you are going to be part of our core framework then the majority of resource investment can be done by us

Commitment to Campaign Success
NextBee does not limit itself to delivering a technical solution but works with your marketing team to both optimize and pro-actively recruit social media influencers who can deliver the results you are looking for from your campaigns

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