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  • Who does not want to get an instant reward for just filling out a small registration form, especially when there is a very attractive bounty if one gets one's friends also do the same? Thus, the email sign up promotion is very attractive for users and it is equally attractive to you because, as a marketer you want to not lose the targeted visitor base (who have already landed on your website) but probably will never visit back unless you are able to reach out to them through your newsletter.

  • With NextBee's mailing list promotion, users opt in to your mailing list by filling out a customizable registration form and then confirming the opt in link sent to their email accounts

  • Once users confirm the emails, the detailed demographic information is available in your business account to review and download as an excel file. We do not share users' information with any third party and you have full and exclusive ownership of this user data.

  • After users opt in to your mailing list they invite their friends to do the same. Whenever user gets his/her friend to sign up and confirm opt in registration, you can offer them either discount coupons or special reward points that can be redeemed in variety of ways. You can also offer special instant rewards immediately after users either submit the registration form or invite friends to join your mailing list.

  • NextBee provides you with all the necessary user widgets/sign up forms, tracking scripts, email templates, reward fulfillment, and campaign report sheets so you do not need to do any programming or maintenance work

  • You can run this promotion either as an integral part of your website (we provide out of the box support for a wide range of widgets from in-page overlays, auto launch popups, to embedded form fields)or on a separate landing pages of a sub domain. Use the widget type and interaction model that seamlessly integrates with your website user experience.

  • Do you already have member base or your own newsletter sign up forms? We can integrate our scripts with those forms as well. Also the rewards do not need to be coupons or cash rewards - you can even have rewards as something which lets user play a game twice or navigates them to special VIP member only page or a special offers page.

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