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Nowadays, traditional advertising, including the online advertising, can only help a business so much. If your company is built on introducing new ideas, and your marketing strategy includes gaining a foothold through grassroots methods, community support and zealous evangelizing is very much needed. If you aren't afraid to roll up your sleeves and talk to people—even to engage in a bit of gossip—then NextBee can partner with you through our branded solutions. We offer a potent technology platform based on open standards and access to social media influencers.

  • Your effort does not reside in a vacuum, but ideas flow freely in and out of your network

  • Community features such as reviews/sharing/ratings/voting available for users are well vetted and tested

  • You have the ability to monitor and tune your community message/features to get best returns from your efforts

  • If it gets tough then there is always someone to cheer for you and help you get connected with influencers whose word matters.

Please note, this solution is not available through our standard referral marketing offering yet. If you are interested in this offering then please send us a note by filling out the form here

Development Services

We have built a robust feature set for hosting variety of  word of mouth marketing initiatives. Further, our solution exposes web service based APIs to make sure our platform integrates with legacy systems as well as Web 2.0 mashups. This enables you to build your branded offerings with just simple configurations to our solution. But we do engage in custom development work in business settings where,

  • You would like to have total control over your data and would like to host solution on your own servers

  • The required extensions are either very specific to your business (or niche industry), or proprietary to your business

  • You require features that are frowned upon by certain members of our community

  • Features that are very exciting but lack immediate revenue returns for us (e.g. widgets based on iPhone SDK)

Our engagement model always focuses on your needs first. At the same time, we try to build the solution with open standards and reusable components. Further, if the extensions that we build are going to be part of our core framework then the majority of resource investment can be done by us. If you are interested in our development services then please send us a note by filling out the form here


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