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NextBee's Cross Sell platform enables you to network with businesses that attract similar audience as your targeted  customers, and then build collaborative relationships with them by cross-promoting each other's offerings. These promotions are backed by objective metrics such as visitors and conversions.  In addition to hosting these cross sell widgets on your own websites, you can host them on your blogs and social network profiles (such as Facebook profiles), allowing you to tap the massive potential offered by new social media channels.

Thus, as your marketing plan evolves your company will be able to:

  • Build strong partnerships with your business network (be it suppliers, vendors, neighborhood businesses, or businesses targeting similar audience) and get high-quality traffic

  • Offer special discounts to your customers/visitors either as a promotional tool or as a loyalty gift after they complete transactions at your site

  • Get the best out of visitor exits regardless of whether he/she completes a transaction on your site

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then our cross sell marketing module is the perfect solution for you. Your company may not get the volume of cross sells that corporate behemoths like airline companies and car rental companies get but it will have similar bottom-line boost on your earnings. Sign up for our solution and start building strong partnerships today.

*We realize, sometimes the businesses in your network might not be our paid subscribers.  To accommodate that and to make sure you do not get hindered in finding the right partners, we allow businesses to use our cross sell platform for free.

Tools Not Rules
Structure Without Taxing On Relationships

Cross Sell provides returns when it is based on the true spirit of a collaborative relationship. When it comes to relationships, especially partnerships, there are hardly any fit-all rules and hence we limit our involvement to providing technical infrastructure to track performance and providing full flexibility to you in building these relationships. Some of the salient features of our Cross Sell module that make it attractive for all types of businesses are

  • You control which of the partner offerings are promoted and in what order

  • Control of the placement and messaging related to these promotions

  • No formal point system, rules, or system intervention on what kind of relationship you have to have with your partners

  • It is not necessary to have monetary compensation for the promotion (but if you desire then you can have that too)

  • Real time statistics on who is sending you referrals, visitors, and help you close the sale

  • Ability to define unlimited number of Cross Sell Tags (widgets). Depending on your marketing channel, type of visitors, or social network you can promote different offerings.

  • Entire system is available without any hand coding or integration work

How it works?
Step by Step Usage Scenario
  • You sign up with us and immediately get access to your business account

  • You define award program for your business network members (The award can be fixed amount, discounts, coupons, % amount, or even nothing formal)

  • You either invite new businesses or  current businesses in our system to network with you (Please note, for using cross sell functionality, a business need not be a paid member)

  • Once, these businesses choose to network with you and define their own award programs, you can choose the programs you want to promote through a cross sell tag (widget)

  • You can create as many cross sell tags as you desire with different promotions or different orders of promotions

  • In the Setup page of your account, you have access to html code snippets that show the widgets containing your cross sell promotions. You can host these widgets in your website, blog, or social network profiles. If you are using our referral solution, then you can also show the cross sell tag after users send referrals from your site 

  • In every link in this widget, we embed tracking code, enabling you to track the visitors and conversions from your widget. Our system automatically tracks this and also calculates awards based on the specifications of the award program so that you can get the rewards defined in the award programs of your network connections.

Thus, with our Cross Sell marketing module, you can take benefits of new trends and channels provided by social networking without taking focus off your conversions.


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