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eCommerce is basically any type of business that is done over the internet, and can include auctions, merchant websites, and to a lesser degree, the writing, design, and programming that result in payment. Typically eCommerce means an online store which selling services or goods which can be paid for via credit card or through an online payment system such as Paypal. eCommerce solutions are a wide variety of ideas and tools which serve to help spur the process along, and can include design, hosting, site building, and more.

Costs and Skills Required

eCommerce solutions can cost anywhere from tens of dollars plus hard work for some software solutions, to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for a design and management firm to build the site and maintain it. A certain amount of skill and computing ability is needed to be able to install and use most ecommerce solutions, although most of these programs are becoming easier and easier to use each year, and for the most part (depending on the program and its solutions) programming and designing skills are not needed.

Get Necessary Background

Since ecommerce solutions are such a wide and varied field, basically the term refers to all the components needed to start, run, and manage an ecommerce site. Many hosting services supply users with much of this software, and site templates are available for those who don't have any interest in programming and designing a site themselves. "Out of the box" is a term which refers to websites which are ready to be bought and just need customization and the finishing touches added on. Ecommerce solutions offer users ways to create an online catalog, with photos, ordering information, customization of orders, payment processing software, and tracking and customer data collection tools. All of these things are needed as the nuts and bolts to sell online. Getting the customers to come is a different story, and requires the help of a top notch marketing and advertising campaign, not to mention the quality products that people will be dying to buy.

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