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Email newsletter marketing is a great way to reach out to your loyal customers and to keep them in touch with company events, new products, reports, and much more. Newsletters allow for a more thorough explanation of products, as well as industry news, which can allow marketers to position themselves as experts, as well as publishers, in their given industry. Creating and mailing newsletters is not necessarily a complex endeavor, but having software at your disposal, especially for bulk emailing, and tracking the success of a campaign, is highly important and beneficial.

Costs and Skills Required

The skills needed for using email newsletter software are mid to high level. Anyone who is able to understand the need and basics of managing an online marketing campaign should be able to integrate and use most of the software. Although different components can be purchased for varying prices, such as bulk email senders, email delivery monitors, and link checking software, newsletter marketing software pulls all of these parts together in one package, which should cost around $100 for small businesses.

Checklist for Selecting Newsletter Program

  • Newsletter templates
  • Tracking reports
  • Link checker
  • Creates both HTML and text newsletters
  • Can embed media
  • Database integration
  • Mailing scheduling
  • Delivery testing
  • Customizable continuous retry

Program Management Details

The most important aspect of any email marketing campaign is having a good and vital list at your disposal, and a way to make sure that the list keeps growing and remains vital. Once this list is compiled, through email marketing software, you will be able to use the templates to create interesting articles complete with photos, video, and graphics to explain in-depth what makes your company so special. The bulk email sender will then send out your newsletter to your opt-in list, and monitor and track the delivery, reporting back to you the statistics of who clicked on the links, who made purchases, and who asked to be removed from the mailing list. Together, all of these tools allow users to fully create, manage, run, and analyze an email newsletter marketing campaign.

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