Tools and Techniques for Email Newsletter Marketing

Tips and Tactics

  • If the idea behind your email newsletter campaign is to drive traffic to your site, one good way of doing this is by giving your newsletter readers a teaser paragraph in your main article, then including a link for them to click so that they can read the rest of the article.
  • Email newsletters are great ways to tell readers about your products and company, but should not be a place to give them the hard sell, or to bash the competition. People don't want to read pages of reasons why they should buy something, rather they want to understand how your company fits into the industry as a whole.

Additional Useful Tools

  • Autoresponder
  • Email delivery monitor
  • Web analytics


  • offers a variety of tools to create and manage email newsletter campaigns, and also offers some resources to understand the fundamentals of running a good campaign
  • offers a variety of tips as well as a glossary of definitions for better understanding and managing an email marketing campaign
  • offers downloads, resources, articles, and tips on creating and running a successful newsletter marketing campaign

Final Point

As mentioned earlier, contact lists are the most important aspect of any mailing campaign, and compiling a good list should be foremost in your priority list. Whether you rent or buy a list, use affiliate marketing strategies to get sign ups and leads, or even run contests to entice customers to sign up, a good plan should be in place to keep the addresses and contacts rolling in.

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