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Email marketing can be thought of as the internet equivalent of a direct mail campaign, or sending a newsletter or promotional brochure, with one exception that permission is needed to send the emails. In short, without the recipient's permission, sending bulk email is considered spamming, and is NOT a legitimate marketing strategy, and in fact, may be illegal. That aside, email marketing can be a great and powerful way to keep interested customers up to date on sales, promotions, and new products. Broadly, email marketing can be considered to include any email a customer is sent regarding business, but the more successful campaigns tend to be those in newsletter form, which have short articles with links to a website or webpage. Email marketing also can include placing an ad in an email someone else sends.


Email marketing costs, like most expenses incurred from online advertising campaigns, can be greatly reduced by savvy marketers who aren't afraid to do some of the work themselves. Hiring someone to manage the whole account and do everything from A to Z can become quite an expensive undertaking, but lots of these costs can be deferred by using some of the programs that are likely already on your computer. An autoresponder is needed to manage the large amounts of emails, and to deal with the replies that undoubtedly will come. A good autoresponder can be purchased for around $30.


Most of the time spent on an email marketing campaign will be spent on the front end setting things up. Once the lists are basically compiled and the autoresponder is set, the only thing left is to write the emails, and let the autoresponder send them out.

Successful Campaign Execution

Two things that are absolutely essential for this type of campaign are a contact list, and an autoresponder program. Building and maintaining a good and current list of leads is essential to this type of enterprise, so a website should have a way for people to enter their information and sign up for the list. With the autoresponder, the marketer merely has to create the emails, set up the contact list, and everything else takes care of itself. The beauty of the autoresponder is that users can set up mailings far in advance and the program will send out the emails to the contact lists as often as you desire. Emails should be short, punchy, and to the point. Readers will respond more to this than if they have to read through a long piece. Including lots of links to your site, along with interesting and relevant graphics will keep the reader's attention and allow them to easily get to your site.

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