Building Email Lists for Marketing Promotions

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An email address parser is a software tool which checks text files that contain email addresses and email domain names to make sure that they are functional. Text files with the email addresses are imported in and checked for formatting. They can then be imported into an emailing program. This software is used to make mass email sending more efficient and useful. In addition, advanced parsers can be programmed to parse other types of data from emails, and even enter that data into other forms.

Typical Cost for an Email Parser

Email parsers can be found online for free, or can be purchased for around $100. Do make sure the catch associated with many free parsers, some of them will even harvest or steal your email data. 

Practical Suggestions

People who send out mass emails, newsletters, and who are continually compiling lists of email addresses to use with an autoresponder can first enter all the addresses into the parser to filter out the non-functional ones. To prevent spammers from collecting emails, some websites use varios techniques to encode their email addresses. Many times, spammers do not go into any trouble whatsoever in figuring out this encodings so if you are serious about getting these email addresses then you can easily find workaround to get the actual contact information obfuscated or hidden behind encoding. At the same time, you should remember that email address harvesting is illegal and using Google search etc to get addresses is easily tracked and pusued by various law enforcement agencies. Some companies like RapLeaf has come up with innovative ideas on collecting email addresses and other information from social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, and Linked In. If you are looking for ways to build your contact list then similar social applications can be your way to go rather than traditional email parser program.

Continue to Part II: Collecting Emails From Files»

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