Email Addresses from Websites and Local Files

Checklist for Selecting Email Address Parser

  • Compatible with a variety of email services
  • Allows for filtering and setting of filters
  • Checks domain names also

How Parser Helps in Email Campaigns

Before starting a mass emailing campaign, an email address parser is a handy tool to save time, and insure deliverability of more emails. Anyone that has taken the time to design and put together a mass mailing campaign should want the ultimate in efficiency. However you have gotten your mailing list, whether it is rented or self-compiled, by running it through an email parser first, you will then know which addresses are good and which are useless. These are especially useful when using rented lists to make sure that you are paying for good leads.

Additional Tools Useful for Email Campaigns

  • Autoresponders
  • Bulk Email Sender
  • Email Delivery Monitor

Reference Links

  • has listing of a free email parser for download here
  • offers a review and ranking of an advanced email parser here
  • lists some more email parsers and other tools for sale and review

Autoresponders vs Parsers

Autoresponders are similar to email parsers, only they are email programs set to respond immediately to the sender of an email. Autoresponders also can be set to send out an email at a particular time, and can be set weeks or months ahead of time.

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