Analysis of Shopping Cart Options and Selection Guidance


Ecommerce shopping carts are vitally important to online store websites, because they form the processing and catalog portion of the website which shows the items you are selling, and allows the user to easily add and subtract the items that he wants to purchase. Ecommerce shopping carts are often included in pre-made websites, or if using a sitebuilding program, will have the shopping cart software already built in. Shopping carts allow online sellers to enter the basic information about their items, such as price, description, and so forth, from an Excel file, and the program takes care of the rest. Most shopping cart software also comes with promotional tools as well, such as coupons, gift certificates, quantity discounts, and more.

Costs and Skills Required

Shopping cart software has been developed into 'out-of-the-box' packages which require no programming, low monthly fees, very simple installation, and with lots of support. In fact, many ecommerce website templates come with shopping cart software already included, so there may not even be any installation required at all.

Checklist for Selecting Shopping Cart

  • Discounted license rates
  • Free 24-7 technical support
  • Custom programming services
  • Flexible and easy to modify/customize
  • Easy integration
  • Search engine friendly

Details for Implementors

Typically website building software comes with shopping cart functions that can easily be installed into a website. If a site already exists, shopping carts are easily integrated into these as well, and can be customized to fit the style, and color scheme that already is there. One important feature to look for is to make sure that your shopping cart has the ability to save the customers' information so that it can later be used for mailings, contacts, and future offers. Also, look for a shopping cart that comes with newsletter management features, which can automatically send emails to your customer base. Here is a partial list of eCommerce Shopping Cart Solutions
  • ATG
  • Auspient
  • Broadvision
  • DemandWare
  • Elastic Path
  • EOne Commerce
  • Fry
  • GSI
  • IBM Websphere
  • Junction Solution
  • MarketLive
  • Monster
  • Netsuite
  • Nitrosell
  • OsCommerce
  • Prosodie
  • Pro Stores
  • SureSource
  • Truition
  • Vcommerce
  • Venda
  • Virid
  • Yahoo! Stores
  • Zen Cart
  • Zoovy

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