Techniques and Suggestions for Choosing the Right Cart

Tips and Tactics

  • First-time users, or novices to site building and ecommerce, might want to opt for a package deal offered by many of the bigger online outfits, such as Yahoo, or GoDaddy. For one price, you get hosting, domain name registration, use of site building tools, promotional help, and more. It is an easy to use situation, and one that allows users to get a site off the ground with much less work that starting from scratch.
  • Speed is a major factor when choosing a shopping cart. Tests should be done, and before choosing one to buy, a good idea is to find a site that is already using the system that you are looking at, and try theirs out. Forums are also good places to look for information from other users.

Important Considerations

  • Easy item ordering
  • Clear pricing information


  • ViArt offers a wide variety of shopping cart software, hosting packages, design tools, and other products for website owners, developers, and ecommerce businesses
  • has a great resource page with some wonderful tips on choosing and using shopping cart software
  • has an article looking at some things to look for when choosing a shopping cart and ecommerce solutions

Before You Open Doors

Be sure that you have a good return policy in place before you open for business. Customers won't do business with entities who don't actively promote their policies and who don't spell them out in great detail. Return/exchange policies should be promoted on your site, and should be highly visable. Above all, you want your customers to feel safe and secure doing business with you, and inspiring confidence that their private information will always be kept safe will lead to future sales and referrals from satisfied customers.

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