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Ebusiness marketing tools generally fall into one of three categories, channel synchronization, content management, and measurement/data collection. Different sized companies will of course require different solutions, but choosing the applications that your company will need to move forward will help you grow your business and serve your customers more efficiently. Of course, almost any system, application, or product could be considered an ebusiness tool, which could include websites, shopping cart software, order processing and shipping tools, and more.

Costs and Skills Required

Typically, the cost of these tools is tied to the volume of transactions or online activity that happens on your online store. E.g. For NextBee's referral marketing solution we charge you no up front fees unless you require customization of our solution. With the widespread adoption of rich clients and JavaScript based on web pages, some HTML/Javascript programming knowledge is required for the configuration and setup

Checklist for Selecting the Right Tool for Your Business

  • Compatibility with You shopping cart software
  • Compatibility with your payment gateway
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Customer Support
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Setup fees
  • Maintenance Contract
  • Software Upgrade Fees
  • Ability to Customize Software
  • Integration Capability with Legacy Systems
  • Minimum Contract Period
  • Reference Implementations

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