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Usage Scenario

Here as an example review the reference usage scenario for using NextBee's User Referral Reward solution.
  • You sign up with us and immediately get access to your business account
  • If you decide to offer awards for referring users, you create your own specific award program by defining criteria such as how many conversions required for award, how the award is calculated (% of item price, fixed prize, a coupon, or even no award)
  • Through the Setup page in your account, you have access to html code snippets that you should host on your site. In these code snippets you substitute product id/campaign id, referral url with your specific parameters
  • You include Javascript files from our server (similar to what you do if you are tracking visitors through Google analytics/Omniture). The Javascript automatically replaces the html snippets with widgets for reviews/review counts, and referral buttons, all of which can be customized
  • When the user sends a referral, we use your specified referral URL and append tracking information to
  • it. This enables us to track the performance of these referrals and associate conversions with appropriate referrals
  • Whenever a successful conversion happens, you notify us about it by making a simple Javascript call or URL redirection. This does not affect your website flow or functionality.
  • Once we get the conversion notification, we make the sanity check, associate it with right users, calculate awards, notify users, and update the campaign analytics available in your account

Tips and Tactics

  • Outsourcing certain business needs can also be considered a type of tool, and many companies actually outsource their entire business systems and their infrastructure to other companies who manage architectures, lists and campaigns, and email marketing.

Additional Tools

  • Google Analytics
  • Omniture Site Catalyst
  • Yahoo Merchant Solutions
  • Commission Junction Affiliate Solutions
  • Paypal Payment Gateway and Web Services


  • Marketing Sherpa is an authoritative information source for B2B as well as consumer marketing activities
  • Seth Godin is a thought leader for new edge marketing methods
  • ClickZ a venerable online news source that publishes opinion pieces from business leaders

Alternatives to Consider

Instead of setting up your own eBusiness you can simply sell your product at online marketplaces such as eBay, etsy, or Amazon. You can also think of providing your product/services for free through various social networks and expect to get paid through either advertisements or by causing sufficient disruption in the marketplace draw attention from established player in the industry for acquisition.

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