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Direct marketing is a way that sellers can get up close and personal to their clients by giving them in-depth and useful information in the form of emails, e-newsletters, ezines, and by making special offers directly to their customers. Direct marketing requires compiling contact lists, designing, writing, and sending emails or newsletters, and monitoring the delivery and after effects of the campaign. Direct marketing software can help with lots of these parts of the campaign, and by purchasing one software suite, a user can have all of the tools needed to create and manage a campaign, and reach out to hundreds or thousands of customers.

Costs and Skills Required

The skills needed for creating and running a direct marketing campaign don't necessarily have to be at an advanced level, and newsletter software can help relieve some of the time and headaches that come with managing a massive email campaign. The cost for this software is relatively low, and for perhaps as low as $100, a full-service software package can be found.

Checklist for Selecting Right Direct Marketing Software

  • Mailing list building
  • Email campaign creating
  • Bulk mailing
  • Click tracking
  • Analyze profits
  • Analyze response rates
  • Email parser
  • Demographic profiler
  • Duplicate check

Successful Campaign Execution

The creating and sending of your company's correspondence is highly important in collecting contact information being one of the priority tasks but once the messages have been sent, there is still work to be done. Compiling and collecting metrics and analyzing reports on such things as open rates, read rates, and other forms of user behavior, can let you know exactly how well your campaign is working, and can allow you to make changes to you direct marketing campaign to boost your results. Any good direct marketing software will include web analysis, data capturing, and dynamic profiling of your opt-in customers.

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