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Tips and Tactics for Getting Better Response

  • Following up is one of the golden rules of any kind of marketing, which means that direct mailing software can really help out in this regard. Each time a user enters information on your website, or makes a purchase, their data should be automatically recorded to a database and they should be added to a mailing list.
  • Newsletters allow users to not only reach out to customers in an in-depth and informative format, but also allow them to position themselves as publishers and experts in their given industries. Although newsletters are great ways to tell customers about your company and it's products, it should not be a place to give the customers the hard-sell.

Additional Tools

  • Carrier Route and Demographic software
  • Postcard creator
  • Zip code database
  • Telephone data software
  • Mailing list custom search

Reference Links

  • Direct-Marketing-Software offers some direct marketing tools and product descriptions that will help with direct marketing campaigns of any size
  • Hallogram.com has a large variety of tools for direct marketers with product descriptions and ordering information
  • 800Mail.com has an index with numerous articles discussing a variety of direct marketing issues

Additional Considerations

Since one of the most important parts of a direct marketing, or email marketing campaign is having a great contact list, keeping this list updated, new, and vibrant should be one of the pillars of your campaign. Joining an affiliate network to create new leads is a great way to pay for quality leads. Also, you should have some software included in your website, especially if it is an ecommerce one, to parse email addresses from your customers' messages and orders. Another way to keep the addresses coming in is to have a page where people can enter their contact information in exchange for something of some value, such as an ebook, screensaver, or even a chance to win something more valuable.

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