Direct Marketing Campaigns Guide For Online Merchants


Direct marketing campaigns can be extremely useful and valuable tools which can target specific customers with a high likelihood of making a purchase. What's more, direct marketing can be, not only a laser-targeted form of advertising, but a low-cost one as well. While more traditional forms of advertising, such as television and print, can be very expensive and time-consuming, a direct marketing campaign can be set up rather quickly, and once the initial set up period is finished (creating ads, compiling lists, etc.) the process can be used again and again, with much less work needed.


Direct marketing can cost almost anything, depending on how it is done. Of course, the internet is the cheapest form, and can cost many times less than a print campaign. Telemarketing campaigns have to factor in time and line charges. Direct mailing campaigns have postage, paper, printing, ink, and handling costs to cover. While internet may be much cheaper, it is not free either. Many times lists must be purchased, websites maintained, and employees paid.


Depending on each campaign's specifics, moderate time is needed to institute and see the results from a direct marketing campaign. Certainly a few weeks are likely needed for prep work, and some components, such as lead collection, should always be done.

Successful Campaign Execution

The most important aspect of direct marketing is having a great source of leads, contacts, and addresses, and a good, reliable way to keep them coming in throughout the life of your campaign. Whether you plan on purchasing them or have your own way of generating them (though affiliate campaigns, website contests, etc.) being able to generate good, new leads, will assure that your program will have the new blood needed to keep it alive for the long haul.

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