Techniques to Get Better Returns From Direct Marketing

Tips and Tactics

  • With a big enough list, you can test your own strategies and perform your own focus group testing. If you aren't sure of a new offer, you can compare it to an old one by selecting a certain number of candidates to receive one offer and the same number to receive another. Whichever one proves to be the most successful can become the standard.
  • Lists can be used and reused, as long as the information that you are sending them is fresh and lively. But while this is true, always adding new names to the list should be a high priority.
  • A good way to combine different campaign styles is to add the element of a referral program to your direct marketing campaign. Referral programs offer rewards to customers who refer friends to your company in exchange for a discount, cash payment, free product, or other offering. These are great ways to keep your business fresh, and to give something back to your customers at the same time.

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