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Whether emailed or sent through the Post Office, customer newsletters are great ways to market your business, keep interested customers up to date on news regarding your company, your products, and your services, and position your company as experts in your given field. Customer newsletters allow companies to give more in-depth information than do traditional ads, and allow for a more thorough explanation of the benefits of your products and services. For many items, fully educated customers are much more likely to make a purchase than those purchasing on a spur-of-the-moment feeling.


Email newsletters are very low-cost promotional items, really only requiring the time to put them together, and to send out to your contact list. If you don't have a large list and need one, these can be rented for reasonable prices, typically less than $100 for 1000 addresses. Print newsletters are less cost-effective, as printing and mailing costs can add up.


Creating a newsletter can take a bit of time to write the different articles, and if code must be written that will add to the process. Using newsletter templates can cut down on the time spent by a good deal. Of course, email newsletters are much more time-efficient that printed ones also.

Successful Execution

Customer newsletters can be filled with articles, graphics, links, and photos, and are typically created using HTML, so that they are more dynamic, useful, and better organized. Once a newsletter has a wide audience, advertising space can even be sold to other advertisers. Templates can be downloaded for free, or for a negligible price, which provides a ready-made outline which is just waiting to be customized with your company's images, graphics, articles, logos, and more.

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