Techniques and References for Customer Newsletters

Tips and Tactics

  • Most readers find newsletters to be more credible than advertisements, so publishing a newsletter can position you or your company as leaders in your industry, give you name recognition, and establish you as an authority in your field.
  • Although writing lengthy, in-depth pieces describing all the wonderful attributes that your company has to offer may seem enticing, short, succinct paragraphs that really pack a punch are the way to go. If you do have a longer piece that you want to feature, take the best few lines from it and write them as a teaser. Include a link at the bottom to a website where they can go to finish the article.
  • 'How-to' articles are great for this format. Providing readers, i.e. , customers with a handy guide to solving problems encountered in your industry is a way to get them interested in your field, and to show that your company is great at providing solutions to problems.
  • Newsletters are not advertisements. Although they are used to promote your company, they function in a much different way. Customer newsletters are not the place to give the hard sell to your customers, so much as they are a place to have a discussion about related industry topics. Readers do not want to read a 10 page advertisement, but will read 10 pages of articles related to your company.

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