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Advertising is typically thought of as a dull business, and not always for unfounded reasons. Creative advertising, however, can be extremely powerful, and one ad can cause people to remember a product or company for years. Thinking back over the years, there are some creative ad campaigns that were so eye-catching, that we remember them from our youth. No matter the format, whether online, on television, radio, or in print, creative advertising allows artistic expression to run free and to bring a sense of style and flair to what could otherwise be considered a boring industry.


Creative advertising costs can be basically any figure, but this type of campaign does have the advantage of, if done right, connecting in a very powerful way, which can increase its usefulness far beyond its price tag.


Creative ad campaigns can vary enormously in time, depending on the medium, type, budget, and what it is designed for.

Execution Details

The beauty of creative marketing is that it is really only limited by one's imagination. Small business owners can do a creative marketing campaign for little to no money, provided that they are gifted with a certain amount of dramatic ability. Publicity stunts or live demonstrations in very public places are great ways to advertise almost for free. Even if you yourself aren't interested in publicly drawing attention to yourself, finding someone who is (actors, or just extroverted friends or employees) and coming up with an idea such as having them dress up in a strange outfit and handing out flyers is one example of creative advertising that can easily be done for almost any company.

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