Techniques and References for Creative Advertising

Tips and Tactics

  • Individuals considering using a creative marketing campaign should browse through newspapers, web pages, magazines, and television commercials and compile a portfolio of examples that pique their interest. This brainstorming also works for advertisers to help them generate new ideas that they can pitch and modify for their own uses.
  • Internet companies can use contests as creative means to draw attention to themselves, and to get signups for services, recommendations and referrals, and most anything else they come up with. Giving away product is a low-cost prize that can help raise a company's profile and image, without spending lots of money on advertising campaigns.
  • Creative marketing doesn't have to be anything world-shaking either. It can also be as simple as teaming up with other companies which offer related services. A website which sells exercise equipment can team up with another which promotes gyms or offers articles on healthy living and refer customers to each other.

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