Performance Optimization of Ads Through Data Tracking

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Conversion tracking is a website analysis tool which allows website owners to measure how effective their marketing campaigns are by measuring the number of visitors to a site from a certain source, i.e., an ad or link from another site. Measuring visitors to your site is one thing, but even more important is measuring the conversions, or actions that they take once they are there. Conversions typically mean making a purchase, but also can mean signing up for a newsletter or other desired action. This number of conversions out of visitors is generally referred to as the conversion rate.

Costs and Skills Required

Conversion tracking does require a certain amount of skill to be able to understand the metrics that conversion tracking software provides. Also, users should be internet savvy enough to be able to run marketing campaigns such as Google's AdWords and AdSense, both of which come with various tracking tools.

Checklist for Selecting Tracking Software

  • Fast feedback loops
  • Free testing
  • Log file analyzers

Successful Adoption

Conversion tracking software is an invaluable tool for testing new marketing strategies, affiliate marketing campaigns, and to get a general overview of a site's traffic patterns. Especially for testing new strategies, conversion tracking can help turn a website which is losing money, into a profitable one. Conversion tracking will tell users where visitors came from, how long they stayed on their website, and which pages they visited while there. This information can be useful for understanding which parts of your site are attracting visitors and which seem to turn them off. For example, if you see that many of your customers are not making it past the landing page, then changing that page could help increase your conversion rate. Likewise with interior pages, if one section of your site is being totally neglected by your visitors, then there would likely be something wrong with it.

Continue to Part II: Conversion Tracking on Websites»

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