Marketing Performance Analysis with Conversion Tracking

Tips and Tactics

  • Testing is a key way of measuring analytics and to compare and try new strategies and campaigns. Especially for dynamic websites, small changes such as colors, fonts, text size and more can all impact conversion rates. Of course these are small, cosmetic changes, but they can have an effect. Larger changes should be tested also, as should every change made.
  • Google advertisers have a number of useful analytical tools at their disposal when they sign up with the internet giant. Tracking, keyword suggestion tools, as well as free testing tools which allow you to A/B test changes to your ad copy, sales pages, and site layout before you decide to go live with them.

Additional Tools

  • SEO Tools
  • Keyword suggestion tools
  • Google AdWords
  • Bid management tools
  • Link building service
  • Content creation


  • offers tracking products and support, as well as some definitions of conversion tracking
  • is site offering numerous resources, tools, articles, and more for internet marketer, including articles on conversion tracking
  • offers a variety of solutions for click tracking, sales tracking, and other types of marketing solutions

Beyond Online Conversion Tracking

As much as online conversion tracking is known and generally accepted, tracking offline conversions is an important aspect of many businesses, so being able to track sales that begin online, but may actually be converted in a store, through the telephone, or in person, is a niche in your business accounting that should not be overlooked. While this type of tracking is more difficult, there are some ways to achieve it, such as pay per call services, customer tracking, and even more sophisticated call tracking which combines your website with your phone answering service to track both ends of the conversion.

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