Social Networks and Contest Promotion

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Contest marketing is a unique and fun way for website owners, bloggers, and other Internet marketers to create interest in their websites as well as to reward visitors and readers. Basically what contest marketing consists of is creating some type of game or program where users perform a certain function in order to attempt to win a prize. These contests can consist of entering an email address to register, clicking on a link, sending in information such as photos, writing samples, or anything else that the website owner decides.

Cost for Running Online Contests

The costs for a contest can be anything. The website owner can decide, if he likes, to give a way a car or merely to offer a discount on a product or a gift certificate. The fun part of contests is that you set the rules and anything goes, but for a contest to truly be successful the prize should be worth the time or effort spent by the visitors.


Again, whoever is setting the rules for the contest can set the timeframe as well. A contest could run for a day, or for several weeks. Generally speaking, have sufficient time, especially if you are engaging social network users in your contest. It takes a while to get initial users and seeing viral spread of your contest. Once it picks up a stream generally after 2 weeks there is peak time. Considering this, a time frame of 6 to 8 weeks is ideal for contests on social networks.

Contest Execution

Contests can be used for a variety of purposes. Determining what you want your contest to do, and outlining its parameters should be first. Many website owners who are looking to create lists for future mailing campaigns use contests to entice website visitors to sign up and enter their email address. In return, they are enrolled in a contest for a chance to win something. Other companies use contests simply to keep interest in their websites and to keep a good relationship with their clients. Whatever you decide to do, the key is to get the word out about your contest, which is normally done through typical internet marketing and advertising strategies, such as placing keyword ads, classified ads, and relying on word of mouth.

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