Getting Users' Attention with Contests and Giveaways

Tips and Tactics

  • When choosing a prize, it's important to pick one that scales well to the amount of traffic that you want to draw, and that you can afford. For example, if you are running an AdWords campaign for $1000 per month, which draws 10,000 visitors each month, choosing a prize that roughly equals that, say a laptop computer, would be a good investment if it brought in roughly the same number of visitors, or sign ups.
  • Outline very clearly what you want your visitors to do to win the prize. Asking them to perform a difficult and time consuming task, or to reveal important information about themselves for the chance at a t-shirt, will likely not pan out very well. However, for the chance to win a flat screen TV or a state of the art computer or camera, visitors will be more likely to want to participate.
  • A great idea to increase traffic is to run a referral contest in which visitors or clients have a chance to win a great product or prize when they refer a friend to your company.

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