Contest Giveaways Guide for Website Marketing


Contest giveaways are great promotional techniques through which to create interest in a website, product, or company. Companies of all sizes employ this technique, with prizes ranging from t-shirts to cars, money, and five-star vacations - basically anything that is economically feasible. For blogs, website, and ecommerce businesses, giveaways are easy to run campaigns which do not require a great amount of set up time or costs. For blogs or websites looking to increase traffic, teaming with an affiliate network can boost visitors. Additionally, contests and giveaways are great ways to boost leads.


Blogs and websites can run contests for very little cost, with the only real overhead being the cost of the prize. If you choose to advertise your contest through search engines or on affiliate networks, those costs can be as much or as little as you choose to spend, for the most part.


Contest giveaways can go on as long as you like, although the shorter the better seems to be the general rule of thumb. Of course, economics must also play a role in determining the length of the contest. For people with modest budgets, giving away a new laptop each week may not be possible, but giving away $100 each week, or a laptop each month might be possible. One thing that is certain, contest giveaways which go on for several weeks or months are not as successful no matter what is offered.

Successful Execution

People are always drawn to the idea of winning something, whether it is a $20 gift certificate, or enough money in the lottery to never have to work again. Oftentimes the actual prize is less important than the feeling of winning, so the first key to maximizing your contest is to understand who your customers are, and what their interests are. A business which sells designer, luxury perfumes would not do well running a contest which gives away t-shirts. Good contests should be well thought out and planned, and that includes all the rules, timeframe

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