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A classified ad poster is a program that loads into a browser which allows users who wish to place an advertisement in an online classifieds website to write the advertisement, and then save and send the ad to thousands of sites that the program has in its database. Basically, with this program, the time that it takes to write one classified ad, you can just as easily mail the same advertisement to all the most heavily trafficked classified sites online. Oftentimes, this type of software also allows users to submit not only to classified websites, but to online auction sites, such as eBay and others, as well.

Costs/Skills Required

Although there are free classified ad submitters that can be downloaded for free online, a better bet would be to purchase one for a few dollars, and be assured that it doesn't contain any extra malware or advertising software. This software is fairly basic, and should never cost very much money. It is also quite simple to use, so no high level skills are needed. Basically anyone with average skills and computing abilities can use a classified ad poster.

Who Should Consider Using Classified Ad Poster

Anyone looking to sell an item, service, or advertise their business across multiple sites, such as Craigslist and others, can implement one of these programs, and set the parameters so that the ads rotate among the many sites listed, and renew the ads on a regular basis. Classified ad posters can be invaluable to online marketers, network marketers, affiliate partners, and people whose business is built on collecting leads and sign ups. When you think of the amount of traffic that is generated just on Craigslist in one day (it's a lot!), and then multiply that by tens, or hundreds of other classifieds sites, you can see the time saved by using a submitter, and the opportunities that are gained by opening up your ad to more screens.

Continue to Part II: Automated Classfied Ads»

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