Guerilla marketing Techniques for Online Promotions

Checklist for Selecting Classified Posting Software

  • Submits to the most popular sites on the web
  • Targeted submitting
  • Free trial
  • Rotating subject, email, and body features
  • Works with Gmail
  • Free customer service, upgrades, and updates
  • Private mail enabled (checks mail and confirms post)
  • Targeting features

Tips and Tactics For Effective Use

  • When looking for a classified ad poster, be sure to look for one that includes dynamic IP address. Many classifieds sites have time limits on how often ads can be posted from a single IP address, so this feature will look for free web proxies to change IP addresses.
  • When deciding to use an auto-poster, it does take a good amount of time to set up the process and to program the parameters, so it should be a long term investment to justify the time needed to set things up.
  • Reading the terms of service for as many of the sites as you plan on posting can help you understand what is allowed and not allowed for posting, such as language, photos, and graphics.

Additional Tools

  • Ad templates
  • Microsoft Office
  • Spam Check

Reference Links is a tool that offers users access to over 1400 classifieds sites in their database: has listing of a couple of different ad posting programs for trial: offers a software solution for purchase:

Alternatives to Consider

Rather than relying on technology, there is, of course, the old-fashioned way. You can also hire someone to manually post for you if you realize that some of your ads are being rejected, need constant changing, or updating in ways that the software can't do. Real world posters are typically paid on a per post basis, or a bulk rate, but prices and payment can be negotiated.

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