Guide for Low Cost Social Cause Marketing

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Cause marketing is a relatively new form of advertising in which for profit companies to join with nonprofits in hopes of a mutually advantageous relationship designed to raise awareness for both parties. According to Wikipedia, American Express why is the first company to coin the term in 1983 when they led a campaign to restore the Statue of Liberty. Generally speaking, the for-profit entity is seen as being philanthropic and caring, while the nonprofit gains financial help which they would ordinarily have a hard time getting. While there are

Costs and Skills For Social Cause Campaigns

There are no specific costs incurred for this type of marketing as it can include anything from items being donated to auctions, product licensing, or donations from sales. Advertising agencies also can arrange cause marketing campaigns, and if their services are employed, the costs can be significant, unless, of course, they also are donating their time and resources to the cause. The skills required to conduct a cause-based campaign are good marketing skills, a desire to make a difference, dedication to public service, a creative ability, and the patience required to deal with other entities.

Recommended Execution Approach

For both parties entering into a cause-based marketing campaign, it is important that each chooses a partner which is well-established and non-controversial. A business plan is also important. Determining whether to donate a percentage of sales from a certain item, or to auction off something of value, or even to sponsor a charity drive, both parties must have a realistic and pragmatic plan with a fairly accurate projection of what a cause marketing campaign will produce. Both partners should have a fairly similar worldview and mission in order for the relationship to prosper. Both parties should do due diligence on each other and the up-front an honest in the relationship. Communication must always be open and free flowing and the culture of each entity must be understood by the other.

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