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Bulk email senders are programs that can send out an email to hundreds of thousands of mailboxes in a reasonably short period of time. Users can import a list of contacts from spreadsheets, databases, or text files, so as to basically send mass emails as easily as clicking the mouse. Settings can be changed and adjusted so as to respond to different spam filters. For direct marketers, list managers, and anyone else whose business and marketing strategy is predicated on reaching out to customers, clients, and potential leads through email.

Costs and Skills Required

Bulk email senders can be found online for free, or purchased for less than $100. There are typically no monthly fees, just a one-time purchase fee, if the program is not freeware. Bulk email senders don’t require any special skills to use. Anyone with average computing skills can use most of this software

Execution Plan for Getting Results from Your Email Campaigns

Before starting a mass email campaign, the most important key is to have a winning contact list. Lists can be rented for one time use which cost somewhere between $40-80 per 1000 addresses, although collecting your own lists and leads from your own website is generally a better strategy. Templates can be downloaded for free to craft good-looking and dynamic HTML emails or newsletters, and email campaign monitors will allow you to track each email sent, and will let you know which ones ended up in the inboxes and which in the spam folders. As important as the distribution system of emails, is the email itself. Spending some time learning about writing winning sales copy and marketing techniques is a great way to make sure that what you are sending is well-written and appealing to your readers. Creating and publishing a newsletter is a great way to position oneself as an industry expert and rise through the industry as a base of knowledge. Just sending spam or useful email to many addresses will not only likely be unsuccessful, it is a sure way to end up on some industry blacklists, if not in trouble with the authorities.

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