Managing Unsubscribes and Email Reputation

Checklist for Selecting a Bulk Email Sender

  • Permits uploading of Excel or other database email addresses

  • Supports HTML emails

  • Simple, easy to use interface

  • Supports large sender lists

  • Support proxy servers

  • Auto-unsubscribe feature where recipients can choose to not receive future mailings.

  • Email sending reports on delivery and mailing status

Tips and Tactics for Effective Bulk Email Campaigns

  • If you plan on purchasing a bulk email sender to use in conjunction with delivery monitors and other programs to measure metrics, be sure that they can easily be integrated into each others systems, or at least work together.

  • Contests and having visitors to enter their email address on a website in return for the chance to win a prize is a great way to compile leads and create contact lists.

Additional Tools

  • Email delivery monitors
  • Email templates
  • Google Adwords
  • Microsoft Excel

Reference Links offers several tips on how to successfully use bulk email marketing software to successfully run a mass email campaign:

Google offers some tips to bulk senders on how to increase delivery rates to gmail users:

For the more technical-minded readers, CodeProject offers an article explaining some code issues involved with bulk email senders:

Alternatives to Consider

In addition to online marketing campaigns, many businesses can use traditional advertising methods as great ways to reach customers who may not be computer-savvy. If your demographics skew towards a certain age group or segment who may not use computers very much, direct mailing campaigns, telemarketing, or radio advertising may help boost sales.

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